Used for Wrapping Purposes

Commentary on Modern Armenian Architecture

The Critic Sees — Jasper Johns, 1961. Glass, metal, and plaster.


LEFT: Northern Avenue|RIGHT: Tim Flynn Architects, UWC Dilijan College
LEFT: Storaket Architectural Studio, Ayb High School.|RIGHT: Archangel Architectural Studio, Yerevan Mall.
Reviving NPAK Competition entry Author: Ashot Antonyan

The Archdaily Syndrome

LEFT: SNKH Studio, Shengavit Housing |CENTER: Storaket Architectural Studio, Gyumri AIN |RIGHT: Tarberak Architectural Studio, Kindergarten in Norashen
LEFT: JAN Atelier, D’Cascade Résidence |CENTER:ARCHCoop: Resort in Jermuk| RIGHT: Bardi Studio, Sahakian House
LEFT: Cubit Architecture and Design Studio|CENTER: A&L Architectural Studio |RIGHT: d’Arvestanots
The Archdaily Syndrome: Using a visual reference as a design driver

Form vs Formation

Atlas of Novel Tectonics: Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto

Modernism Wrapped in Postmodernism

Perspective view of the Dom-ino system, 1914. Image from Le Corbusier & Pierre Jeanneret, OEuvre Complète Volume 1, 1910–1929, Les Editions d’Architecture Artemis, Zürich, 1964
Used for Wrapping Purposes
LEFT: Robert Venturi, Decorated Shed. RIGHT: Gettyimages, Borrowed Wrapping Paper

All Are Equal but Some Are More Equal

Skillshop: Rethink Pavilion

Thinking in Complex Adaptive Systems

Frei Otto: Occupying and Connecting: Thoughts on Territories and Spheres of Influence with Particular Reference to Human Settlement

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Researcher and Ph.D. Candidate at Aalto University. My research interests include Architecture, Mathematics, Geometry, Information Theory, and Computer Science

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